Paris as the pinnacle of public safety

The world has changed quite a bit in the past two decades, not only in regards to technology but also in terms of the public’s need for a better sense of safety. This need will only grow, which correlates with the fact that in most European countries, the acceptance level for video surveillance has steadily increased – in Europe this figure is commonly reaching 70 % or more. Of course, there are always privacy concerns, relating to e.g the incorrect use of personal data and cyber hacking – but these have clearly become a secondary concern compared to public safety, for understandable reasons.

Video security, video surveillance, video protection – these are all different faces of the same solutions. While video is only a piece of a much larger situational management puzzle that ties into increasing avenues of data, it remains at the core of security and safety.

The city of Paris is a prime example of how modern video-based situational management can be leveraged not only to create a safer and smarter urban environment, but also to produce an additional layer of income for the governing public sector.

Sometimes size matters

A little over a decade ago, Paris city officials set out to find an efficient and unified tool to support of decision making for a network of authorities with the objectives to reduce crime and provide citizens with a better sense of safety. In 2010 the city started off with less than 1,500 connect video surveillance cameras. During the past decade, Teleste has provided the city with a situational management system that interconnects more than 36,000 video surveillance cameras across the Paris metropolitan area, e.g. the entire area metro, the regional rail services as well a multiples municipalities in the 1st crown around Paris. The cameras are interoperable by over 30 authorities.

In 2019, Teleste’s security management system can manage up to 50,000 cameras across 55 monitoring centres that employ 2,500 operators and handles data from 5 Expert AI systems – making Paris’ situational management system unparalleled anywhere in the world. All modern video technologies, body worn cameras, phones cameras, mobile, wireless or temporarily placed video cameras are increasingly used in different security operations: traffic control, special events, crowd surveillance and general law enforcement. On a yearly basis, the system has lead yearly to 3,500 arrests and 50,000 fines (*), which drives to a significant amount of additional income for the Authorities.

Paris will be beefing up its systems even further to support upcoming special events, including the Women’s Football and Rugby World Cups as well as the 2024 Olympic games by which point Paris can undoubtedly to be the most secure city of this size in Europe.

At the core of Paris’ security system is Teleste S-VMX IP video management system, which is modular and scalable to the needs of any modern city or urban environment. With each subsystem added to the network, the system helps the city gradually evolve to be smarter and safer.

(*) source: Prefecture de Police de Paris


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