Key takeaways from Cable Next-Gen Strategies & Technologies event

In March, the cable industry and video executives gathered together in Light Reading’s Cable Next-Gen Strategies & Technologies event in Denver to discuss the major challenges and opportunities facing the industry today and create a roadmap for its future course. The event offered a deep dive to the latest technologies and platforms shaping the industry and examined ways to overhaul legacy networks and traditional business models while maintaining the seamless delivery of existing services.

The Teleste Intercept team attended the event with Hanno Narjus and Neil Tang taking part in panel discussions about cable industry’s future with distributed access architecture (DAA) as well as full duplex and extended spectrum DOCSIS®. Here are some key takeaways from the panels:

Welcome to 10G: why DOCSIS may never die?

  • The ongoing capacity consumption trends continue to drive providing faster and faster broadband speeds for consumers.
  • There are challenges ahead for the cable industry but also potential to solve them with, e.g., full duplex and extended spectrum DOCSIS enabling the delivery of broadband speeds as high as 10 Gbps / 30 Gbps to the subscribers.
  • Both full duplex and extended spectrum DOCSIS require deep fiber builds and more RF spectrum, raise key technical, operational and financial issues – which need to be solved before robust field rollouts

Cable’s last mile: getting down with DAA

  • Deploying DAA requires DOCSIS migration readiness, video migration readiness, network management system readiness and interoperability readiness. 
  • Cable operators are starting to deploy distributed access architecture (DAA) in their networs for new, more advanced services. 
  • Now it is the time to think about how DOCSIS 3.1, Fiber Deep, 10G EPON, 5G and other new technologies will impact on the last mile of tomorrow.

Additionally, the topics such as the role of operators and securing customer experience in digital transformation, lessons learned from bringing gigabit speeds to homes as well as the current market and consumer trends were highlighted at the event.

Next time, the cable industry will chase its future at ANGA COM 2019 in Cologne, Germany, 4-6 June. One of Teleste’s key topic will be the Remote PHY interoperability and why it is so important for the cable industry. We look forward to meeting you at the event!


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