How has it has been to work with us? Our partners and customers answered!

Did you know that back in the 1954 when Olavi Ahonen established Teleste, the company was pioneering in aerial and audio technology? The new era of TV broadcasting was just about to begin in Finland with the first television picture seen by the public in 1950, and Teleste’s first product to the market was an antenna aerial plug socket.

Today, in 2019, Teleste is a leading international provider of broadband, security and information technologies and related services with about 1400 employees worldwide. Television is still one of our key focus areas as we nowadays provide technologies and solutions that bring TV and broadband services to your home. In addition, we engage in your everyday life by your use of public transport and securing your safety in public places. You can see the concrete results of our work, for example, in trains, trams and metros used every day by tens of thousands of passengers in Europe, Middle East and North America.

The journey has been a thrilling one and it reflects many fundamental changes in technologies and societies that have taken place concurrently. One thing has remained though and it is the value of customer centricity that Olavi Ahonen created in the early days. Understanding our customers’ reality and working for their success has become our guidance to future.

For the company’s 65th anniversary, we asked some of our partners and customers how we have succeeded to drive customer centricity in our cooperation. How has it been to work with us and how do they see the future of our industries in general?

Watch our videos on Vimeo to see how they answered!


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