Getting ready for UITP 2019: The art of smart public transport

The UITP Summit in Stockholm, 9-12 June 2019, will be celebrating the theme ‘the art of public transport’, a perfect urban journey that takes passengers smoothly and safely from home to wherever they have set destination.

For us at Teleste, the easy and safe journey has been a key topic for quite some time. The way we see it, public transport is indeed art, or even better to say: smart. It is the smartest form of mobility today.

As the urban population continues to grow on a global scale, ensuring smooth daily mobility in the heavily crowded areas has become a pressuring challenge. To mitigate it, public transport is evolving rapidly from routes and systems to ecosystems: city- and even country-wide transport infrastructures engaging and connecting passengers by the means of new smart technologies and digital services. The more the passengers value punctuality, safety and high accessibility to services and information on every step of their journey, the more there is for public transport operators and rolling stock manufacturers to do to go that extra mile to answer the demand.

Today, a lot is happening in the public transport sector regarding the deployment of technologies, especially when it comes to solutions and innovations that utilize real-time data and turn it into information, situational understanding and services.

On the smart side, public transport is also the choice of getting around for many environmentally conscious citizens. In 2016, the transport sector in general contributed 27 % of total EU-28 greenhouse gas emissions. Public transport plays a significant role in reducing them – the target of which, set by European Commission, is a 60% cut down from the 1990 level by midcentury.


In the video above, you can watch Esa Harju presenting our solutions for the public transport at Innotrans 2018.  We will come back to the same themes at UITP 2019 so stay tuned for more news about smart public mobility!


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