You had me at hello, You lost me at Log in

This is a hospitality story of romance, expectation and disappointment, but like all the best stories, it has a happy ending.

Hotel romance is easy to find in the digital age – a host of booking apps with pretty pictures and promises of grandeur, so easy for the traveler to find their perfect hotel match, a few clicks and it is booked.

As the guest arrives at their hotel, the expectation is high, the building looks good, just like the app said, a smart reception, a polite receptionist, a quick and easy check in, everything is going so well. The excitement still building, as the receptionist smiles and slips you a note, with your room number and Wi-Fi code.

Surely this is the one, the perfect stay, everything looks so good as your door clicks open, and you slip into the room, a big comfy bed, bright shining shower room, even a big TV to relax with later. Full of joy you locate the Wi-Fi service, gently key in the Wi-Fi code and then it happens…

Your dreams are shattered, the romance evaporated, reality hits you like a cold shower, it has happened again…

The Wi-Fi is terrible, sure it looks good, it connected but the moment you try to do something, it’s gone, or worse still, teasing you with its presence but denying you any bandwidth to actually satisfy the data desires of any of your devices, collect your emails, streaming your favourite box set is now all but a romantic distant dream. Why does it always have to end this way?

This is a story that is played out in hotels across the world every day. Guest expectations and satisfaction shattered, the moment they log in to the Wi-Fi. It need not be this way, it has never been easier to provide decent internet connection for guests, so that they can enjoy the same connection and reliability that they get in their home or office.

In a recent poll, it was found that 76% of guests would never return to a hotel property if they have a bad Wi-Fi and connectivity experience. A good experience sees a significant rise in the Net Promoter Score of the hotel.

With just a few days of work, no rooms or even worse, complete floors being taken out of service, it is now possible to install a fully wired internet connection and Wi-Fi hotspot in every room.

How? By utilising the very same coax cable that has been delivering the pictures to the TV screen, ever since the hotel was first built. Teleste DAH mini-CMTS makes use of the unused bandwidth on this coax network (in fact about 2/3 of the capacity is lying there unused). Our DAH uses DOCSIS the standard for IP over coax communications, and from one DAH we can connect up to 400 rooms, with fast high speed internet, exactly the same as if you had spent many weeks of install work, closed rooms, guest disruption and multiple costs, installing a new CAT5 network to every room.

All that needs to be plugged in at each TV point, is a DOCSIS device, like a Wi-Fi modem, DOCSIS enabled Wi-Fi access point, or a TV with DOCSIS built in. This will give your guests the perfect data romance, satisfaction with their stay and most importantly desire to return for more.


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Jason Dando

I am the business development manager for the Hospitality and AV business unit within Teleste where we focus on selling Teleste solutions to enable video and data distribution. I have over 20 years of sales experience in the AV industry, and have seen the industry grow from basic screens and projectors, into the exciting and innovative solutions that we see today. See my LinkedIn.

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