High-speed Internet and premium video experiences everywhere?

As we know, the need for bandwidth is ever growing. Also the consumption of online video content increases rapidly. Following these facts, the pipe to the building has grown quickly from 1Mbps to over 100+ Mbps for the standard subscriber. We have also seen the introduction of HD and now 4K and how that requires greater bandwidth.  Many of us go home and enjoy fast internet and stunning pictures on that latest curve TV.

We then visit a Hotel, Stadium, Campus or other Hospitality venue and endure fuzzy TV pictures and dial up internet speed. However, this is changing. Research shows, that the availability of Wi-Fi is a major factor when selecting a hotel. Nowadays just to have an Internet connection is not enough, though. Also the speed of the connection matters. Business travellers rely on the internet connections for example to do conference calls while on the go and leisure guests want fast Wi-Fi for entertainment. There are even websites especially for rating Wi-Fi connections in hotels that travellers can check before selecting their accommodations.

Hospitality operators are realising that paying or visiting customers want to enjoy the same if not better speeds and pictures than at home especially when paying a premium. So how can hotels keep customers happy and offer them high-speed internet and the streaming video experiences they are expecting?

When new buildings are constructed it is easy to flood wire with data cable and fibre to ensure you can deliver these services, but what about existing buildings that only have a coax backbone for TV delivery, with no fibre infrastructure and data cable that goes to the wrong locations?

There is a solution to this and it is far less expensive than completely re-wiring an existing building. As said, cabling for broadcast television signal transmission is available in almost every older apartment building or hotel. Utilizing this existing coaxial network, operators can deliver internet over the cable to various points in a property. At each point an off the shelf cable modem is installed and this can then deliver Wi-Fi, Ethernet Cable Connections and IPTV.  There is no need to rewire the property and in fact the bandwidth that a coax cable can offer exceeds that of a standard CAT5 cable, many people forget that. So the solution has been there all along, now is the time to make that Coax work for you and give your guests the user experience they have been expecting.  Start using your coax for more than just TV signals, and bring your user experience into the 21st Century.


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Jonathan Rigby

I am currently working as General Manager for Teleste Intercept in the U.S. Over the past 15 years I’ve witnessed simple wired networks evolve into complex automation solutions and enjoy staying abreast of these changes. The challenge of delivering even higher data rates and 4K TV is an interesting topic to keep up with. See my LinkedIn.

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