Ensuring hospitality guests get that better than at home internet and TV experience

At this year’s ISE show, we  are very excited to be showing you how you can extend your existing IP infrastructure into every TV point of a property without having to run any new CAT5 cabling. Something that is often very time consuming, difficult to conceal and disruptive the operation of the property.

So using our DAH Mini CMTS, which is a device that converts regular IP connection into a signal similar to DVB-T channels, we can use the existing coax in a building to extend the IP network, to right where you need to deliver fast and reliable IP services. So we can bring the smart to the Smart TV, enable a Wi-Fi access point at every TV point, so hospitality providers can give their guests that at home, web & Wi-Fi experience. Whereas all too often hospitality guests feel disconnected by having slow, inconsistent Wi-Fi and not being able to stream their favourite TV shows and movies, all because the IP network is only 2 Wi-Fi hotspots per floor.

Ruckus Zoneflex C110  – the new IP over Coax Wi-Fi access point from Ruckus, come and talk to us about how we can support these innovative new coax connected Wi-Fi hot spots by using our DAH Mini CMTS.  Our experts will be on hand to discuss what you need, and how we can train you to become proficient in specifying and commissioning IP over coax systems.

We also have some exciting new developments with Luminato, our RF and IPTV modular headend platform, which now supports Pro:Idiom content protection, so that hospitality guests can enjoy the very best TV system and premium content.

As Teleste manufacture all of their own products at our factory in Finland, visitors to our stand will be able to talk to the product managers who have worked on the design, development and support since day 1. A great asset when customers have deeply technical questions.

Also on show will be the latest HD distribution products from Purelink and ZeeVee, enabling the future of HD distribution over IP, Fibre and RF.

So we look forward to seeing you this week at ISE stand 1-Q65!


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Jason Dando

I am the business development manager for the Hospitality and AV business unit within Teleste where we focus on selling Teleste solutions to enable video and data distribution. I have over 20 years of sales experience in the AV industry, and have seen the industry grow from basic screens and projectors, into the exciting and innovative solutions that we see today. See my LinkedIn.

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