Webinar presentations: Video delivery in 2020’s

How can operators ensure smooth services today as well as in distributed access networks? What are consumers expecting and how to keep up with the changing demand? Do linear TV channels have any place in an increasingly on demand world?  

In September 2020, #TelesteLive webinar Video delivery in 2020’s focused on the ongoing technology transformation from the point of view of video headend technologies and consumers’ service expectations. Our expert speakers shared their insight on the current video delivery landscape, and the challenges and opportunities coming along the changing consumer behavior as well as distributed access networks. Also operators’ practical challenges related to video headend infrastructure upgrades were highlighted. 

You can now continue with the topic by checking out the presentation slides below. Please also follow this link for answer to audience questions presented during the webinar and visit Digital TV Europe to watch the webinar on-demand.

What to consider regarding consumer expectations and video delivery technologies? Discover the presentation slides below!

Technology at the cutting edge of broadcasting from Attila Pester, Sales Director, Teleste.


The future of linear TV channels in an on-demand world from Tim Westcott, Senior Research Manager | Channels, Programming & Advertising, Omdia.


Linear TV and distributed access from Julius Tikkanen, VP of Video Service Platforms, Teleste.
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