Great field technicians – What are they made of?

As we already live in the midst of the networked society with broadband, mobile, cloud, applications and services connecting us, let’s turn focus on the a group of professionals whose everyday work makes it all possible: the field technicians. They are the ones who build the networks for us, bring the connected home over our doorsteps, and keep the infrastructure up and running for our versatile services.

At Teleste, network services generate a significant part of the total corporation revenue and the business employs about 700 people. Our portfolio covers a wide array of services, from including Network Operation Centres, CMTSs configuration & operation, Network Design & documentation and last, but not least, Field Services.  Today, the majority of our network service staff works in field related tasks, with “field technician” being probably the most common job title in a number of countries.

These are some of their typical daily activities:

  • Fiber installations in FTTX networks, including cable installations in greenfield applications, or utilizing the existing infrastructure
  • Fiber splicing and measurements
  • Delivering & provisioning high-speed Internet connections in residential environments
  • Resolving network issues, ranging from headend (video delivery centers) to the homes of individual subscribers
  • Site surveys for fiber construction projects
  • Site surveys for mobile site acquisition

The way these activities are carried out “in the field”, plays a major role in how our customers see us as a partner, and how successful we are as a service company. After all, we have succeeded when everything flows for our customers. Much of this seamless customer experience is shaped by our field technicians.

I recently had a couple of opportunities to sit down and exchange ideas with some of my colleagues over a cup of coffee. We challenged ourselves to shortly define, what it is that makes a great field technician.

What are the general characteristics that we would like to see in all the field tech recruits?

As passionate about broadband business and ICT services as we are, our discussion revolved around our products, competitors’ products and technologies.

In this business, new products are being developed all the time, networks are evolving fast, and new measurement tools and software are launched frequently. We decided to look beyond technology and came up with a couple of characteristics that in our view make a great field tech.

Here they are:

  • Professionalism & taking responsibility i.e. the “I will go there, solve it, and first time right” attitude
  • Open mind, and a helicopter view i.e. drive to learn new and ability to focus on details but also understand the “Big Picture”
  • Social skills combined with a customer oriented mindset i.e. fluent and friendly interaction with our customers and the end customers
  • Teamwork mentality i.e. willingness to help colleagues, share views and information, work towards the common goals and of course, have a good laugh together!


What would you say?

In a field service organization, the attitude, skills, and mindset of the field technicians play a major role in defining the level of success of the company. Do you agree with the qualities identified above? What would you add to the list?


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Matti Nurmi

Matti Nurmi worked several years as a Regional Director (Nordics, Belgium, Switzerland) of Network Services at Teleste. In May 2017, he moved on to pursue new challenges in his career.

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