DOCSIS dominates in NGA but what is 3D?

Today, DOCSIS is the most widely used high-speed broadband technology. The triumph continues when operators are capable of using DOCSIS 3.1 on a larger scale. This requires upgrading of network infrastructures including active and passive HFC products.

Many operators trusted VDSL to be the next big thing. Studies do not support this idea. DOCSIS dominates in the NGA (Next Generation Access) category.  What keeps you in this dominating position?

Operators have started to provide high-speed broadband connection speeds above 30Mbit/s.  Although ADSL was a widely deployed, low-speed broadband technology, VDSL will not have the same market share. Instead, DOCSIS is now the main high-speed broadband technology. Even better news is that DOCSIS 3.0 is just the third gear, and Cable TV operators are not running out of gears. The triumph continues when operators are capable of using DOCSIS 3.1 on a larger scale.

Cable DOCSIS 3.0 is still the most widely used NGA technology, with more than 50%
of NGA subscriptions, followed by VDSL.

European Commission, Communications Committee

Although full DOCSIS 3.1 implementations might not happen tomorrow, it is time to think about what they require. Entire network infrastructures, including active and passive HFC products, must support higher frequencies and a different frequency split. Deploy Teleste’s 3D passives if your interest is to beat VDSL or other competing technologies in the future. Content is already using the third dimension. Why should your network stay behind?

While 3D passives work up to 1.2GHz, it is not their only benefit. You can manage possible LTE disturbances with the awarded BarrIER® option and screening performance exceeds Class A.  Please, take a closer look to see all the benefits and features. Dominate in the future as well.


(1) CableLabs is the owner of the registered trademark DOCSIS.

This article was originally published on Teleste’s website in January 2015.


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